Literary Kinships

creating content and placing it:
intensely & intimately


  1. Element Restaurant-A True Ghost Story
    Mr. Johnston's face, as Madam Paula remembered him, seemed, at best, to be made of fine parchment drawn skin-tight over a wooden mask, in which two sunken eyes peered from far within. The eyes peered from under wrinkled lids and as the light changed, a little yellow glare flashed in each. When he smiled, stretching pale lips across discolored teeth in an expression of profound self-satisfaction, blended with the most unforgiving hatred and contempt for the women he had known. Madam said that when Mr. Johnston smiled she saw the faces of two women in hell - two dead women he had betrayed. She remembered that night when he asked for her specifically in the most infamous brothel in Helltown. Their faces that were so strangely alike, met and touched. Paul knew that the kiss had a marvelous savor of evil. His woman’s lips were like the cool breath of a sweet and mortal fear that neither of them understood, for they were innocent and young. Yet she drew him to her by her lightest touch, as a sensitive plant shivers, waves its thin leaves, and bends and closes softly upon what it wants. He let himself be drawn to her willingly - as he would even if her touch had been deadly and poisonous - for he strangely loved that half voluptuous breath of fear, and he passionately desired the nameless evil something that lurked in her maiden lips. Madame Paula sensed the evil too and without a moment’s thought she grabbed the revolver from the bedstand and shot him dead. She felt the sinister truth that befell them and she could not turn away. She too knew that the deathly smile was hovering on her own red lips, drawing them tightly across her little teeth, while two bright tears ran down her cheeks to her mouth, and dropped from the upper to the lower lip. The smile was like the shadow of death and the seal of damnation upon her face. "Of course," said Mr. Johnston, exhaling his pungent breath "Two gone," he said, his voice lowering strangely, "and two more will be four all together forever and ever, burning, burning, burning bright." At the last words his head sank slowly back, and the little glare of his eyes disappeared under the swollen lids. Mr. Johnston had fallen asleep, forever. Madame softly closing the door behind them, each audibly drew a breath, as though some sudden danger had been passed. As they laid their hands each in the other's, their strangely-like eyes met in a long look in which love and perfect understanding were darkened by the secret terror of an unknown thing. Their pale faces reflected each other's fear. "It is our secret," said Evelyn, one of the “girls.” Madame agreed. So in March of 1942, the secret had be sworn to be taken to their graves. 2002 It was a strange echo. Some were frightened by it, for they said that if it were a real echo it should repeat everything and not give back…. a phrase here and there -
  2. Yellow Cab of the Shenandoah
    The 4:15 from Boston to Front Royal had been held up at Three Bridges in consequence of a derailment and, though Tony Elar was fortunate enough to catch a belated connection to Huntley, the train which was the sole communication between the little town and the outside world, had gone. "If you can wait half an hour, Mr. Elar," said the train conductor, "I will call and get Briggs to come down for you." Tony looked out upon the dripping landscape and shrugged his shoulders. "I'll walk," he said shortly and he stepped forth resolutely into the rain to negotiate the two miles which separated the town of Huntly and the slightly bigger town of Front Royal. The downpour was incessant and likely to last through the night. The high hedges on either side of the narrow road were so many leafy cascades; the road itself was in places ankle deep in mud. He stopped under the protecting cover of a big tree to fill and light his pipe and with its bowl turned downwards continued his walk. But for the driving rain which searched every crevice and found every chink in his waterproof armor, he preferred, indeed welcomed, the walk. The road from Huntley to Front Royal was associated in his mind with some of the finest situations in his novels. It was on this road that he had conceived "The Element Mystery." Between the station and the house he had woven the plot which had made "Spencer Sterling" the most popular detective story of the year. For Tony Elar, Jr. was a maker of cunning plots. If, in the literary world, he was regarded by superior persons as a writer of "shockers," he had a large and increasing public who were fascinated by the wholesome and thrilling stories he wrote, and who held on breathlessly to the skein of mystery until they came to the denouement he had planned. And so was the life of Mr. Elar prior to the company we now know as The Yellow Cab of the Shenandoah. With 3 other locations in Strasburg, Woodstock, Luray, anyone needing a cab 24/7, is able to get a ride home within minutes. Unless of course, you want to ponder that next book you are writing…... We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express Our cabs are clean and our uniformed drivers are professional.
  3. Trip Advisor
    And then like a rush of waters suddenly undammed, you take off on a trip to see the world. Travel is a funny word because you have the world in front of you no matter how far or near you decide to go. Travelling is a delightful process of self-discovery. Through travel, we discover our own thoughts, and we applaud the very thing we thought so long ago but never took the trouble to crystallize and plan so well. Travel is freedom. This is a pretty big world and whether you are watching the sunrise in New York or the sun setting in Paris, your thoughts are the same. Look at the splendor of the world. As people judge me about the expense of travel while they are balancing their own personal budgets, my only crime is the desire to see the world. In every fashion, size, shape or political upheaval. I want to truly experience life. I mapped my journey on an actual paper map. Being old school, I feel better holding a concrete summary of the next 3 weeks of my life. While I knew that travelling with a friend would be safer and wiser, I decided to go against wisdom and travel on my own. I know I would be a selfish companion and our travels would turn out to be not so enjoyable for both of us.
  4. Veterans of NOVA
    What does it all mean to men who are long since dust whose rotting twisted lies that only mattered in love and lust strange weird things that no man may say Things humanity hides away Yet secretly mentioned here in the sun of the parched and burning day.
  5. Horrors of Syria's Chemical Attack
  6. Last Laugh
    If I had known that my voicemail messages were the last time I was ever going to hear his voice....I would never have hit #7 to erase them. We thought we had tons of time, tons of places yet to visit, tons of laughs, the good tummy aching kind, a couple more shots of Crown, camping at the river in a souped-up van coming July 4th of next year...something we always looked forward to, where we would get in mean contests eating the hottest habanero sauce ever to see which one of us would fold first......wiping each other's mouths as drool gathered around our lips, trying to catch our breath as we suffered in manly silence.... His laughter, his voice, his guitar....where we never needed words, just the ripple of the river as canoes floated by, high fives and lots of dancing under the moonlight.... I would have that little piece of him in my world forever....his laughter making music to my ears. If only I had known it would be the last time.
Mo Moton